Easy Fan Workshop​

With our Easy Fan Lashes, also known as Magic Fan Lashes, you can create fans super quickly and easily! With the tips & tricks we give you, you save at least half an hour per client! You'll spend at least two hours practicing the correct fanning technique with our Easy Fan Lashes so that you can then apply the technique you've learned directly to your clients.

The workshop will cover the following points:

  • What are Easy Fan Lashes
  • What strengths are there and how do I work in a way that is gentle on the eyelashes 
  • Which tweezers are best suited
  • The right amount of glue
  • Correct application
  • Practicing on the doll's head



You will receive an Easy Fan Lashes eyelash box with every workshop. You will also receive your certificate at the end of the workshop.

Group training

Being taught by a lecturer together with 5-6 other students
99,00 plus Tax
  • including 1x Easy Fan Lashes eyelash box
  • 5-6 students per teacher
  • Catering & training material
  • Support during & after the training
  • Customer account at Miss Lashes

More information about your training:

You will receive a lash box of the popular Easy Fan Lashes with this course.

Workshops are calculated at 2-4 hours, the Easy Fan Workshop averages around 2 hours. If you have any questions or difficulties, our instructors will of course take the time to support you. In such cases, a training day may take a little longer. 

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