Powder Brows Ausbildung - 2 Tage

Suitable for beginners

Welcome to the Miss Brows Powder Brows training - your key to a fascinating journey into the world of the Powder Brows technique! The Powder Brows technique, also known as the powder technique or shading technique, is an innovative method in the field of permanent make-up that stands for perfectly curved and expressive eyebrows.

Immerse yourself in the art of fine shading to achieve a natural, powdery finish. Unlike other methods, Powder Brows focus on soft blending and give brows a flawless, natural appearance. This course is not only an introduction to the technique, but also a comprehensive journey of discovery into the world of permanent make-up.
Over the next two days, you will not only master the Powder Brows technique, but also gain in-depth knowledge of hygiene practices, skincare, color theory and more. Our experienced instructors will be by your side to ensure that you not only become a technique pro, but also develop the necessary skills for a successful career as a Powder Brows Expert.
Day 1: Theory
  • Welcome and introduction of the participants
  • Overview of Powder Brows and their popularity
  • Objectives of the training
  • Important hygiene measures and disinfection practices
  • Protective measures for customers and technicians:in
  • Legal regulations in the field of permanent make-up
  • Licensing and liability
Dermatology/ skin condition:
  • Basics of skin anatomy and physiology
  • Factors influencing permanent make-up application
Skin types:
  • Identification of different skin types
  • Adaptation of the technique to individual skin needs
  • Conditions in which Powder Brows are not recommended
  • Professional risk assessment
Material science, colors and concept:
  • Overview of materials and tools used
  • Color theory and selection of suitable pigments
  • Development of an individual concept
Shading with a device and the right shading needle:
  • Shading techniques for powder brows
  • Selection of suitable shading needles
Eyebrow shape:
  • Emphasizing facial features through the eyebrow shape
  • Adaptation to customer requirements
3D eyebrows:
  • Creating depth and realism
Differences to other techniques

Targeted and correct color selection when shading for an optimal result:

  • Consideration of skin undertones and colors
  • Practical exercises for finding colors
Sources of error:
  • Identification and elimination of common errors
  • Preventive measures
Pricing and advertising options:
  • Strategies for pricing
  • Marketing and advertising tips for Powder Brows
Make-up artistry:
  • Basics of facial shapes and proportions
  • Individual customization of Powder Brows
  • Aftercare recommendations for customers
  • Care tips for long-lasting results
Correct measuring according to the golden ratio:
  • Application of the golden ratio for precise results
  • Individualization based on customer characteristics
Pre-drawing the brow with the compass & thread:
  • Practical demonstration of pre-drawing techniques
  • Adaptation to different eye shapes

Day 2: Practice

Working on the model:

  • Live demonstration and practical exercises on models
  • Individual feedback for course participants

Medical history & client questionnaire:

  • Capturing relevant customer information
  • Risk assessment and customer communication

Golden Ratio:

  • Application of the golden ratio in practice
  • Precise measurement and adjustment

Drawing on the eyebrows:

  • Step-by-step guide for precise outlining
  • Customization based on customer preferences

Color selection and determination:

  • Practical exercises for color matching on the model
  • Adaptation to individual skin tones

The right photo for your advertisement

  • Photography tips for before-and-after comparisons
  • Selecting appealing images for advertising purposes

After completing the Powder Brows training, participants receive a certificate of attendance. This can be used to signal to clients the level of qualification obtained. Instructors are also available after the training to support participants during their practice phase. By submitting images for professional evaluation and feedback, skills can be further developed. Upon successful evaluation of five models meeting the Miss Brows guidelines, certification is awarded, and graduates can kickstart their careers as Powder Brows experts.

This training goes beyond the purely technical aspects and integrates diverse marketing topics. Learn the basics of social media marketing, receive guidance on capturing the perfect image, and discover the secrets of proper pricing. With this comprehensive approach, you will not only be able to create perfectly shaded eyebrows but also acquire the tools to be confident and competent in your career as a Powder Brows expert.

With practical exercises on models, individualized feedback, and the opportunity to certify your skills according to the Miss Brows guidelines, we offer a comprehensive training experience. Upon completion of this training, you will not only be able to create perfectly shaded eyebrows but also possess the necessary marketing strategies to advance your career.
Embark on the journey to perfectly defined and naturally looking eyebrows. The Miss Brows Powder Brows training opens the door to an exciting chapter of your career in the field of permanent makeup. Be ready for a transformative experience!


This training does not include a pigmentation device. If you need one, please book the two-day Power Brows training with the large starter kit. The pigmentation device is included in that package.

If you need a model, please let us know in advance. We'll be happy to help you find one.

Group training

Being taught by a lecturer together with 5-6 other students
1990,00 plus Tax
Training prices for Switzerland 2490,- CHF
  • incl. starter set worth € 579.47
  • including student kit
  • 5-6 students per teacher
  • Access to the online learning platform
  • Catering & training material
  • Support during & after the training
  • Basic knowledge of social media marketing
  • Instructions for the perfect picture
  • Correct pricing
  • Customer account at Miss Lashes


secure your lecturer all to yourself!
2690,00 plus Tax
Training prices for Switzerland 2990,- CHF
  • incl. starter set worth € 579.47
  • including student kit
  • 1:1 supervision by your lecturer
  • Individual support
  • Time for personal concerns and questions
  • Access to the online learning platform
  • Catering & training material
  • Support during & after the training
  • Basic knowledge of social media marketing
  • Instructions for the perfect picture
  • Correct pricing
  • Customer account at Miss Lashes

More information about your training:

With our training you get:

  • Training documents (script in paper form or USB stick)
  • Catering
  • Ballpoint pen
  • snacks
  • beverages
  • Energy Drink
  • Confirmation of participation
  • Support during and after the training
  • Certification according to Miss Brows guidelines
  • Exclusive access to our online learning platform

With our coffin set you get:

Your starter kit includes:

    • Zirkel 
    • Brow pre-drawing pencil in white
    • Farbringe | 100 Stück
    • Übungshaut | 3 Stück
    • Vitamin E Creme 4ml | 5 Stück
    • Brow Cleanser 100ml
    • Perma Blend | Brown Suede
    • Perma Blend | Coffee
    • Perma Blend | Determined Dark Brown
    • Perma Blend | Navel Orange
    • Perma Blemd | Ready Ash
    • Perma Blend | Ready Blonde
    • Farb-Turbator
    • Farb-Versiegler
    • Vermessungsfarbfaden
    • Kundenfragebogen | 50 Stück
    • Mast Pen
    • Schlauchbox
    • 1-er Nadeln | 10 Stück
    • 3-er Nadeln | 10 Stück
    • Pflegehinweise Permanent-Make-up | 50 Stück
    • Magentbox für Starter-Set

Our student kit includes:

  • Writing pad
  • Headband
  • Towel
  • Energy Drink

With the group course, you book a place on a course consisting of 4-5 students. As a group, you share one instructor.

With VIP training, the lessons take place 1:1. That means for you:

  • Your lecturer is only there for you
  • You and your skills are the absolute focus
  • You can be supported and challenged more individually
  • You are the only student and have your teacher all to yourself

If you complete an on-site training course, you will automatically receive access to the corresponding online training course so that you can deepen your knowledge sustainably and permanently.

The times of the training courses vary depending on the instructor, but we usually start at around 09:00AM day lasts at least 8 hours. If you have any questions or difficulties, our instructors will of course take the time to support you. In such cases, a training day can sometimes take a little longer. 

This means that this price is quoted net. This means that VAT has not yet been added. To get the gross price, you must therefore add 19% to the net price. 

If you have a question about a specific course, it would be best to contact your lecturer directly. You can find the contact details under your course in the instructor profile.

Of course, our customer service is always there for you if you have any general questions or if anything is unclear. Please get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you:

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