Refill Workshop - The right refill

This workshop was developed to answer all those who still have questions about refilling. As the refill appointment plays a key role in the lash business, we would like to devote special attention to it in this workshop.

We will cover the following points and questions in this workshop:

  • What happens during a refill appointment?
  • How do I remove the lashes without remover before filling without the lashes breaking off?
  • How do I clean the lashes afterwards and prepare them for filling?
  • Mites and allergies
  • How do I use a lash shampoo?
  • Was ist ein Remover und wie wende ich diesen richtig an?
  • Cotton bomb
  • Correct application of the eye pads to the open and closed eye
  • Which eyelashes need to be glued for a clean and beautiful result?
  • Eyelashes during pregnancy

It would be an advantage if you bring your own model to this workshop, which you have glued approx. 2-3 weeks before the start of the workshop. You can carry out the "correct refill appointment" on your model. You will cover your model as you would for a refill appointment and the professional will perfect your work once again.

What is in the starter set?

With the starter set you get:

  • 1x eyelashes (Premium Matt Lashes 0.15 C Mix)

  • 1x adhesive

  • 1x magnetic case

  • 1x tweezer

  • 1x Separating tweezer

Group training

Being taught by a lecturer together with 5-6 other students
390,00 plus Tax
  • Starter set included
  • including student kit
  • 5-6 students per teacher
  • Catering & training material
  • Support during & after the training
  • Correct pricing
  • Customer account at Miss Lashes


secure your lecturer all to yourself!
590,00 plus Tax
  • Starter set included
  • including student kit
  • 1:1 supervision by your lecturer
  • Individual support
  • Time for personal concerns and questions
  • Catering & training material
  • Support during & after the training
  • Customer account at Miss Lashes

More information about your training:

With our training you get:

  • Training documents (script in paper form or USB stick)
  • Catering
  • snacks
  • beverages
  • Confirmation of participation
  • Support during and after the training
  • Certification according to Miss Lashes guidelines
  • Exclusive access to our online learning platform Inclusive student kit

With our coffin set you get:

  • 1x eyelashes (Premium Matt Lashes 0.15 C Mix)

  • 1x adhesive

  • 1x magnetic case

  • 1x tweezer

  • 1x Separating tweezer

    * (starter set varies)

Our student kit includes:

  • Towel
  • Writing pad
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Appointment block
  • Headband
  • Energy Drink
  • Catalog

With the group course, you book a place on a course consisting of 4-5 students. As a group, you share one instructor.

With VIP training, the lessons take place 1:1. That means for you:

  • Your lecturer is only there for you
  • You and your skills are the absolute focus
  • You can be supported and challenged more individually
  • You are the only student and have your teacher all to yourself

If you complete an on-site training course, you will automatically receive access to the corresponding online training course so that you can deepen your knowledge sustainably and permanently.

The times of the training courses vary depending on the instructor, but we usually start at around 09:00AM day lasts at least 8 hours. If you have any questions or difficulties, our instructors will of course take the time to support you. In such cases, a training day can sometimes take a little longer. 

This means that this price is quoted net. This means that VAT has not yet been added. To get the gross price, you must therefore add 19% to the net price. 

If you have a question about a specific course, it would be best to contact your lecturer directly. You can find the contact details under your course in the instructor profile.

Of course, our customer service is always there for you if you have any general questions or if anything is unclear. Please get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you:

📞 Call now at: 07451 918310 

📱 Write WhatsApp now on: 0178 183 9598

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If you are still unclear or have any questions, you can get free, non-binding advice from our training experts here.

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