With Miss University, we have created a one-year training program that you into the world of beauty treatments in a profound and comprehensive way. world of beauty treatments. The University covers all areas of eyelash treatments and includes unlimited includes unlimited on-site training access for one total price. You can take the training courses as often as you like and choose whether only the theory, the practice or all parts of the course. parts of the course. For each training course, you will receive a suitable starter set with which you can get started on the model straight away.

  • From booking

    1 year access to all eyelash training courses
  • Umfang

    • Lecturer your area

    • 6 starter sets included

    • Intensive training

    • Theory and practice can be booked as required

    • Internalize extensive content

    • In-depth and perfected model work

    • Contact person for questions

    • Feedback & Help

    • Acrylic certificates & trophies for proven performance
  • Training scope

    • Basic

    • Volume

    • Basic perfection

    • Volume perfection

    • Mega volume

    • Lashlifting




  • Training at championship level 
  • Direct sales are already possible after the first training course 
  • Receive the highest award "MISS PLATIN" 
  • Diploma with personalized logo and trophy 
  • Miss University is divided into two 6-month semesters

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  • Be the first to know about our discount promotions
  • Work with our high-quality premium products
  • You are part of the Miss Lashes community
  • Contact for questions and comments
  • Discounts on School of Misses training courses in other areas
  • Enjoy trade fair benefits
  • Advertising packages & marketing support

Ready to take your beauty career to the next level? Then Miss University by Miss Lashes is perfect for you! Our one-year program covers all areas of lash treatments and you have unlimited on-site access to training. You will receive a starter kit for each course and can repeat theory and practice as often as you like. Perfect your skills and start your career in the beauty industry! 

Terms of contract

1. you will receive a starter set with every first training course. If, for example, you attend a basic training course for the second time, the starter set is not required
2. you commit yourself to a 1-year study program and pay monthly
3. you will receive certificates after your training courses, but only once each.

1. Monat: 900€ Netto
2. Monat: 272€ Netto
3. Monat: 272€ Netto
4. Monat: 272€ Netto
5. Monat: 272€ Netto
6. Monat: 272€ Netto
7. Monat: 272€ Netto
8. Monat: 272€ Netto
9. Monat: 272€ Netto
10. Monat: 272€ Netto
11. Monat: 272€ Netto
12. Monat: 272€ Netto