Why us?

Become successful with Miss lashes

Do you want to develop further, have your finger on the pulse of today and learn from experts? We welcome you to School of Misses! We are pleased to accompany you on your path through the big wide beauty world.

  • No matter if you’re a lateral entrant or pro, we will help you to achieve the next level and adjust to your level of education
  • We’re not only doing trainings, but help you with your start of self-employment or your side business: whether it be advertisement, marketing, projects etc.
  • We are steadily developing new products and have our own laboratory, test and check our products on a regular level
  • You as a customer have the possibility to have a say: in close collaboration we will edit our products and constantly advance ourselves
  • A special portal for Miss Lashes students to guarantee ideal exchange, support and help. Contact to all our Dozents will be possible
  • Many celebrities are our customers and are convinced by our products, trainings and also our concept
  • We offer follow-up trainings and support in case of difficulties
  • Certification of your work: 100% professional and 100% honest
  • Certification of your studio for more customers, better conditions and external presence

You want to belong to the best? We will support you

Lash extensions are indispensable nowadays in beauty salons – they have become more and more popular
over the past years and is in greater demand than ever. Every woman wants effortlessly beautiful lashes, no
longer depending on eyelash curlers and mascara. Always looking fresh and saving time in the morning. But this isn’t the only advantage. Did you know that lash stylists are capable of optimizing or balancing different eye shapes with lash extensions? Smaller eyes could look bigger, bigger eyes could look more almondshaped. From cat eye to hiding droppings lids – everything is possible with a good education!

We enhance the beauty of every woman with lash extensions and make our
customers happy and radiantly beautiful!

There are many possible variations with lash extensions, from natural to voluminous or Hollywood-like. You will learn every necessary technique, to fulfill every customers wish. We will accompany you as a stylist step by step on your path to success, from the basic training to championship training. Benefit from our basic trainings, as well as many other trainings and perfection trainings, or take part in our one-year stay program and become a lash master. Highlight your institute by certifying it snd become the best lash stylist in your area. You do not only receive a good education, but also high-quality products and extensive support after your trainings by choosing Miss Lashes as your partner. The Miss Platinum status will make you stand out as a lash stylist. You can immediately use Miss Lashes’ techniques.

How do I achieve my status?

To complete our training concept we categorize 3 levels, these will grade you as a lash stylist and your work.

Silver Status

Basic und Volume

Gold Status

Basic / Volume / Mega Volume

Platin Status

Basic / Volume / Mega Volume / Perfection / Lash Lifting

Platin Status Benefits

Distinguish yourself from other stylists with your status

· Diploma and trophy
· Roll-Up Banner

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