Refill Appointment Workshop

Correct Refilling

This workshops serves all of you who are still insecure when it comes to correct refilling on a customer.

We will address:
• What happens on a refill appointment?
• How do I remove lash extensions before a refill without remover and without damaging natural lashes?
• How do I properly clean the lashes and prepare them for a refill?
• Mites and allergies
• How to correctly use a lash shampoo
• What is a remover and how do I use it?
• Cotton bomb
• Correct application of eye pads (on opened and closed eyes)
• Which lashes di I have to choose to receive a good result?
• Lash extensions and pregnancy

If possible, please bring a model with you, that you applied lash extensions on 2-3 weeks prior to the
workshop, so you can practice correct refilling on her while being under professional supervision.

Refill Appointment Workshop prices

Group Workshop 390,00 € net
Incl. Starter Set

VIP Workshop 590,00 € net
Incl. Starter Set

5% Discount

Trainees receive 5% discount on all products for a year on

The discount will be extended to another year if you absolve another training, beginning from the date of the training

The training contains:

  • Training (Script)
  • Catering
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Certificate of participation


    * the certificate will be sent after sending 5 result pictures and an approval of the respective trainer.)

    Includes a student kit with an energy drink:

    • Mascara brush crystal
    • Notepad
    • Miss Lashes pen
    • Headband
    • Towel

    This Starter Set for the Mega Volume includes:

    • 1x Premium Matt Lashes 0.15 C Mix
    • 1x Eyelash Adhesive 5g
    • 1x Magnet Case
    • 1x Volume Tweezer
    • 1x Separation Tweezer

    * (Starter Set may vary)

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