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The way to a full-fledged lash stylist in one year

Make this year your year!

Achieve a professional and championship level with unlimited access to workshops and trainings within two semesters. Advantage: you are able to participate in every lash training you’d like. You can also participate in the same training twice. Simply choose between theory and practice. If you have visited trainings by other companies, you are still welcome to educate yourself further with us.

We guarantee an education on championship level!

After your first training you are ready to start and earn your money with lash extension treatments. You can determine your own learning pace by visiting as many trainings as you want to. Choose dates at your nearest Dozent. Be a step ahead and reach your maximum experience value within a year!

After successfully finishing two semesters you will receive the title

The highest award of the Miss Lashes School.
Your status will increase your level of awareness and reflect the quality of your work.


You are allowed to participate in every training you would like to. Of course you are able to
participate in the same training twice. After graduating with another company, you are welcome to educate yourself further with us. You will receive an education on championship level. After your first training you will be ready to start working with lash extension treatments and earn your first dime with it. You determine your learning pace by visiting as many trainings as you like. Choose your preferred dates with your nearest Dozent. Be one step ahead of others.



After completion of both semesters you will be awarded the title Miss Platinum.
This is the highest award of the School Of Misses.
Your status will help you gain more customers permanently.
You will receive a diploma with your logo and a trophy after passing the final exam..

Student card
· Discounts on other trainings (f.e. Miss Brows, Microblading, Brow Expert)
· Discounted purchasing conditions
· Trade fair benefits
· Promotional packages and marketing support


Contract terms

1. On every first training you will receive a starter set. If you are visiting a training for the second time, you won’t receive a second set.
2. You agree on a one year study and pay monthly
3. You will receive a certificate after your trainings, but only one.

1st Month: 800 € net
2nd Month: 210 € net
3rd Month: 210 € net
4th Month: 210 € net
5th Month: 210 € net
6th Month: 210 € net
7th Month: 210 € net
8th Month: 210 € net
9th Month: 210 € net
10th Month: 210 € net
11th Month: 210 € net
12th Month: 210 € net

5% Discount

Students receive 5% discount for a year on all products in our Shop
If you visit another training, the discount will be extended to another year automatically
starting from the date of the last training.

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