Perfection Training

Do you still have any questions left after your basic training? Is your training a little longer ago and you want to keep your knowledge up to date?
The knowledge around lash extensions is steadily growing. New topics and findings have been added over time. The following topics will be

• New products and their ingredients
• Allergies
• Consolidating and perfecting your knowledge around the 1:1 technique
• Consolidating and perfecting your technique and work
• Improving durability and work speed
Do you have specific topics in theory or practice, in which you need more input? Please tell us about your
weaknesses and wishes in advance. We will adjust the training to your needs.

We will also address the topic Championship Training.
Do you plan on participating and winning a championship? We will reveal what you need, to be part of the
Time can be extended as required with no extra charge. We are there for you as long as needed.

Perfection Training prices

Group Training 490,00 € net
incl. Starter Set

VIP Training 690,00 € net
incl. Starter Set

5% Discount

Trainees receive 5% discount on all products for a year on

The discount will be extended to another year if you absolve another training, beginning from the date of the training

The training contains:

  • Training (Script)
  • Catering
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Certificate of participation


    * the certificate will be sent after sending 5 result pictures and an approval of the respective trainer.)

    Includes a student kit with an energy drink:

    • Mascara brush crystal
    • Notepad
    • Miss Lashes pen
    • Headband
    • Towel

    This Starter Set for the Perfection includes:

    • 1x Premium Matt Lashes 0.15 C Mix
    • 1x Premium Gold Adhesive 5g
    • 1x Magnet Case
    • 1x Volume Tweezer
    • 1x Separating Tweezer

    * (Starter Set may vary)

Let's go!

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