Easy Fan Workshop

Lash fans as if by magic! Speed Volume Training!

With our new Easy Fan Lashes, also known as Magic Fan Lashes, you will be able to create beautiful fans faster and easier! You will save up to half an hour per customer with the tips and tricks we are going to show you in this workshop.

You will intensively practice correctly creating fans with our Easy Fan Lashes for at least two hours, so you can apply the newly learned techniques immediately o your customers.

More content of the workshop:

  •  What are Easy Fan Lashes?
  • Which thicknesses are available and how do I work gently on lashes
  • Which tweezers are suitable?
  • Correct amount of adhesive
  • Correct application
  • Practicing on a practice head*


You will receive a lash tray of our Easy Fan Lashes.

You will receive a certificate of attendance after the workshop.

Easy Fan Workshop Price

99,00 € net incl. Easy Fan Tray

5% Discount

Trainees receive 5% discount on all products for a year on


The discount will be extended to another year if you absolve another training, beginning from the date of the training


The training contains:

  • Training (Script)
  • Catering
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Certificate of participation

* the certificate will be sent after sending 5 result pictures and an approval of the respective trainer.

Includes a student kit with an energy drink:

  • Mascara brush crystal
  • Notepad
  • Miss Lashes pen
  • Headband
  • Towel


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