Receive a certificate from the best and be successful with us.
We support you in gaining more customers on a sustained basis, a professional appearance and significantly more success. Miss Lashes designed an effective concept for you, that will give your customers the feeling of you being the right choice for them. The only requirement is to be a master of your craft. Our concept is clearly structured and designed by professionals. The content ranges from successful marketing to products made in Germany.

You will receive from us:
• An overall concept, how to look after new and regular customers professionally
• A Certified Lash Institute Logo for your shop window or your wall
• Access to marketing material: flyer, Miss Lashes pads, pens, posters, mugs, blankets, pillows, shirts etc.

How does the certification proceed?
The certification will be done by one of our trainers either in your studio or in a training place chosen by us. Please tell us in advance if you need a model.

Process flow
In the theoretical part we will extensively explain how our successful concept works and how tom prepare yourself professionally for your customers. The basis for this will be a presentation we created for tablets, which you can use for advising customers. In the practical part you will applicate either the 1:1 or volume technique on a model.
After that you will receive a certificate and access to marketing material. Follow-up support is granted by us.

Certification follows Miss Lashes guidelines.

Certified Lash Institute Prices:
Single Training (1 Day):
590 € net
Group Training (1 Day):
290 € net

5% Discount

Students receive 5% discount for a year on all products in our shop If you visit another training, the discount will be extended to another year.


This training is only available in Horb or in Berlin.

Every training includes meals, snacks, drinks, writing utensils, scripts and certificates.
Including a student kit with an energy drink, mascara brush with a cap, notepad, pen,
headband and towel. Please tell us in advance if you need a model.
Inlcuding Starter Set worth 250 €

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