Brow Styling

Eyebrow Training


The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Lash extensions accentuate the eyes but you should never forget about eyebrows, they perfect the look. In this training we are going to show you how to create the perfect brow. Brow styling is also a good opportunity to offer your
customer additional services, as f.e. in conjunction with a lash extensions treatment/ refill appointment or a cosmetic treatment.

We will address:
• How does the perfect eyebrow look like?
• Different eyebrow looks
• Aspects of make-up art for correctly sketching brows
• Adjusting the eyebrow shape to the face shape
• Color matching the different skin types
• The perfect arch
• Modeling
• Plucking eyebrows
• Applying eyebrow extensions
• Shaping eyebrows
• Waxing eyebrows
• Working with brow waxing stripes
• Dyeing brows and lashes
• Tips & tricks from professionals
• Threading technique

Certification follows Miss Lashes guidelines.

Time: 10.00 am – 2.00 pm

Brow Styling - Eyebrow training prices

Group Training 385,00 € net
VIP Training 590,00 €

5% Discount

Students receive 5% discount for a year on all products in our shop If you visit another training, the discount will be extended to another year.

Every training includes meals, snacks, drinks, writing utensils, scripts and certificates. Including a student kit with an energy drink, mascara brush with a cap, notepad, pen, headband and towel. Please tell us in advance if you need a model.

If you purchase a Brow Styling Starter Set worth 195 € net you will receive a free participation for a Brow Styling online training.

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