Basic Training on becoming a Microblading Artist

Theory and practice are equally important to us. After finishing the training we will support you without a time limit. We are available for all of your questions.

On the first day we will focus on:

• Theory and drawing exercises
• Dermatology
• Hygiene
• Health and safety
• Your workplace
• Indications and contraindications
• Make-up art
• Materials science
• Measuring eyebrows according to the Golden Ratio
• Eyebrow shaping
• Treatment procedure
• Anamnesis
• Declaration of consent
• Customer service
• Durability and after care
• Sketching
• Blading on artificial skin

On the second day we work on:

• Eyebrow measuring and sketching
• Practicing on artificial skin
• Working on a model
• Examination
Certification follows Miss Lashes guidelines. (We reserve the right not to hand out a certificate.)

Time can be extended as required with no extra charge. We are there for you as long as needed.

By mailing us 5 pictures of your good Microblading results you will receive a certified certification of attendance.

Microblading Training prices

Group Training 1490,00 € net
incl. Starter Set 

VIP Training 2490,00 € net
incl. Starter Set 

5% Discount

Trainees receive 5% discount on all products for a year on

The discount will be extended to another year if you absolve another training, beginning from the date of the training

The training contains:

  • Training (Script)
  • Catering
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Certificate of participation

Includes a student kit with an energy drink:

  • Notepad
  • Miss Brows pen
  • Headband
  • Towel

This Starter Set for the Microblading includes:

  • Round Ratio
  • Eyebrow Pre-Sketching Pen (white)
  • Colour Rings 50 pcs.
  • Practice skin 3 pcs.
  • Practice Skin 3 pcs.
  • Vitamin E Cream 4ml (5 pcs.)
  • Microblading Color Miss Garbo 3ml
  • Microblading Color Miss Mary B 3ml
  • Microblading Color Miss Kelly 3ml
  • Microblading Color Miss Campbell 3ml
  • Microblading Color Miss Tyler 3ml
  • Microblading Color Miss Bardot 3ml
  • Microblading Color Miss Monroe 3ml
  • Microblading Correction Color Miss Yellow 3ml
  • Microblading Correction Color Miss Skinny 3ml
  • Microblading Correction Color Miss Orange 3ml
  • Nano Hard Blades 14 U-Shape 5 pcs.
  • Nano Hard Blades 16 U-Shape 5 pcs.
  • Nano Hard Blades 18 U-Shape 5 pcs.
  • Microblading hand-piece (by choice)
  • Color Turbulator
  • Color Sealant
  • Color Thread

* (Starter set may vary)

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