3 Day Intensive Microblading Training

The 3 day training covers theory and practice extensively. You will work on at least two models with our help. You will receive important theoretical knowledge, which is fundamental for practicing Microblading. The more time we have, the more we’re able to work practically so you can get even closer to your goal.

Our docents are always by your side during practice phase. We will provide you access to the Miss Brows learning platform for intense exchange, support as well as suggestions regarding blading and sketching.

Day 1:

Phase 1: On the first day we will discuss theory intensively: dermatology, hygiene, health and security at your work place, indications/contraindications, visagistics, materials science, measuring eyebrows according to golden ratio, eyebrow shapes, treatment procedure, anamnesis, declaration of consent, customer advice, durability, maintenance, pre-sketching.
Phase 2: Practical exercises of eyebrow sketching on a specially for you created template. You can always use the template as a tool in your studio and work out the pre-sketches step by step.

The participants will measure each others brows for even more practice in pre-sketching and learning about eyebrow styling.

Day 2:

Phase 1: Theory in colors and color type determination (which color suits which type), correct use of color mask and color possibilities, materials science with blades, hand piece, its correct positioning and working. We also discuss correcting Microblading results, correct reworking and refreshing after 1-2 years.

Phase 2: Practical working on practice skin step by step for a perfect Microblading result. Wirrten theoretical exam.

Day 3:

Practical work on models.

On this day you will perform a Microblading treatment on two models under our supervision and with our help.

After a short repetition phase: practicing pre-sketching as well as blading on practice skin for consolidation and safety.

Model work: anamnesis with your model, the perfect advertisement photo (before / after), eyebrow styling, measuring, color choice and blading.

After two models your skills are consolidated, so you can begin practicing in your institute.

During your practicing phase you can send us pictures anytime, we’re always glad to help you.

After completion of day three, you will receive a Miss Brows certificate of attendance.

Certification follows Miss Brows guidelines (We reserve the right not to hand out a certificate.)

Time can be extended as required with no extra charge. We are there for you as long as needed.

By mailing us 5 pictures of your good Microblading results you will receive a certified certification of attendance.

3 Day Intensive Microblading Training Prices

Group Training 1690,00 € net
incl. Starter Set 

VIP Training 2990,00 € net
incl. Starter Set 

5% Discount

Trainees receive 5% discount on all products for a year on


The discount will be extended to another year if you absolve another training, beginning from the date of the training

The training contains:

  • Training (Script)
  • Catering
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Certificate of participation

Includes a student kit with an energy drink:

  • Notepad
  • Miss Brows pen
  • Headband
  • Towel

This Starter Set for the Microblading includes:

  • Round Ratio
  • Eyebrow Pre-Sketching Pen (white)
  • Colour Rings 50 pcs.
  • Practice skin 3 pcs.
  • Practice Skin 3 pcs.
  • Vitamin E Cream 4ml (5 pcs.)
  • Microblading Color Miss Garbo 3ml
  • Microblading Color Miss Mary B 3ml
  • Microblading Color Miss Kelly 3ml
  • Microblading Color Miss Campbell 3ml
  • Microblading Color Miss Tyler 3ml
  • Microblading Color Miss Bardot 3ml
  • Microblading Color Miss Monroe 3ml
  • Microblading Correction Color Miss Yellow 3ml
  • Microblading Correction Color Miss Skinny 3ml
  • Microblading Correction Color Miss Orange 3ml
  • Nano Hard Blades 14 U-Shape 5 pcs.
  • Nano Hard Blades 16 U-Shape 5 pcs.
  • Nano Hard Blades 18 U-Shape 5 pcs.
  • Microblading hand-piece (by choice)
  • Color Turbulator
  • Color Sealant
  • Color Thread

* (Starter set may vary)

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